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how php processes Form data

Here am going to demonstrate how php processes form data in 2 ways form data are gotten from a html form on a webpage you must've learnt about html forms, it attributes and input fields etc. see...

your first php-enabled page

Here are few examples of a php enabled page Before you start you must installed and setup the php environment and tools if you did already setup and configured php let's now firstly learn steps to...

php file and document

Here's a sample of php file and document php file is file with .php (dot php) extension see the php file in the image below we've created a php file called testing.php php document is a...

installation of php

The best and easiest 2 ways to install php is using php installer tools on any device such as windows, linux and os x xampp https://www.apachefriends.org/index.html for installing php on windows, linux and os xWampServerhttps://www.wampserver.com/en/for...

php validates Payment card expiring date

payment card expiring date format is always MM/YYYY i.e 04/2030payment card normally expires 3-4 years after issuance from the bank. In the code below we use the following functions php strlen check if the date...

Javascript validates payment card number

Here is one simple way to validate payment card number using javascript. Though while validating payment card number you may want to use javascript to allow only numbers on the client browser but how about...

javascript allow only numbers

Here are three (3) methods javascript allow only numbers in a form field Using Keypress eventAllow only numbers to be typed in a textbox <input type="text" onkeypress="return isNumber(event)" /> <script> function isNumber(evt) { evt =...

uses of php

what can you do with php? can you use php to cook food recipes or buy payment merchant property? well php cannot cook food recipes or buy payment merchant properties because it is not a condiment...

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how php processes Form data

your first php-enabled page

php file and document

installation of php

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