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More than 15years Ago, farzan said:

PHP 5 is very very flexible in accessing member variables and member functions. These access methods maybe look unusual and unnecessary at first glance; but they are very useful sometimes; specially when you work with SimpleXML php classes and objects.

Below examples listed following class as reference for all examples:

class Foo {
    public $aMemberVar = 'aMemberVar Member Variable';
    public $aFuncName = 'aMemberFunc';
    function aMemberFunc() {
        print 'Inside `aMemberFunc()`';

$foo = new Foo;

4 Difference ways to access members of an object

1. You can access member variables in an object using another variable as name:

$element = 'aMemberVar';
print $foo->$element; // prints "aMemberVar Member Variable"

2. use functions:

function getVarName()
{ return 'aMemberVar'; }

print $foo->{getVarName()}; // prints "aMemberVar Member Variable"

Important Note: You must surround function name with { and } or PHP would think you are calling a member function of object “foo”.

3. you can use a constant or literal as well:

define(MY_CONSTANT, 'aMemberVar');
print $foo->{MY_CONSTANT}; // Prints "aMemberVar Member Variable"
print $foo->{'aMemberVar'}; // Prints "aMemberVar Member Variable"

4. You can use members of other objects as well:

print $foo->{$otherObj->var};
print $foo->{$otherObj->func()};

You can use mathods above to access member functions as well:

print $foo->{'aMemberFunc'}(); // Prints "Inside `aMemberFunc()`"
print $foo->{$foo->aFuncName}(); // Prints "Inside `aMemberFunc()`"
function getVarName()
     return 'aFuncName';

print $foo->{$foo->{getVarName()}}();

this was written far back before the emergence of latest php now but still compatible according to documentary.


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