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invest-alert : All in One Script for PTC, HyIp, Crypto Trade & Money Investment

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complete programming language guide

Invest-Alert is a package for financial trading, HYIP, Crypto Currency and investment sites. This script gives you all assistance you need to create and run your own financial site with ease. Automatic withdrawal, mass payment and instant payment included.



Invest-Alert is also an All in One Script for PTC, HyIp, Crypto Trade & Money Investment which allows you to earn money in so many different ways. Invest-Alert has lot’s of features to serve your customers. Such as Paid to Click (PTC), Pay Per View (PPV), Crypto Currency Investment, HyIp Investment, Any Currency Investment Like USD, Euro Etc, Perfect Membership System, Cool Referral System. With Invest-Alert Earning money through online will be easier than you thought.

The combination of price, features, performance and security are the best on the current market.

This features are for Guests

  1. Live Latest User’s Deposit & Withdraw info on Homepage.
  2. Live Latest User’s Withdraw Page. You can call Payment Proof.
  3. Added Privacy Policy Page, Terms & Conditions Page, KYC Policy Page, AML Policy Page
  4. Removed custom comment system from News/Blog/Promotion Etc. and added Disqus Comment System.

This features are for Registered User

  1. Added timer on paid to click view with animation progress and fixes some bug on this features.
  2. Added earn money by view YouTube videos. Also support google AdSense ads on view page with timer and animation progress.
  3. User can earn money by invest their any crypto currency also supported normal currency. You can call this feature like HYIP, bitcoin doubler, investment etc.
  4. Fully working membership system. I fixes all membership bugs.
  5. Instant money deposit system.
  6. Offline money deposit system. You can call this local payment.
  7. Huge update on referral system. Such as user sign up bonus, sign up bonus on who share referral link and who sign up with that link. Deposit bonus by referred user deposit. Earn money by referred user ptc and ppv view, earn by referred user membership upgrade.
  8. Fixes all bug on money transfer system. User can transfer funds deposit, referral, account balance to deposit and account balance. Also can transfer funds member to member with email notifications.
  9. User can see their money and crypto currency investment details
  10. User can see their investment interest history, fixes some bug user withdraw history and deposit history.
  11. User can see referred users paid to click, paid to view video ads, membership upgrade, deposit bonus and self-earning history on earning history option.
  12. Fixes some bug on profile page and email verify. Also add user identity verify and proof of address verify. You can call it kyc verify.
  13. Write review/testimonials for website and submit for approved
  14. Added auto email notify when user do login, create support ticket, receive support ticket reply form admin, sending money to other user, receive money from other user, kyc verify etc.
  15. Easy Money Transfer system

This features are for the Admin

  1. Fixes bugs on paid to click and paid to view. Admin can set time, set ads specific membership on paid to click and paid to view, etc.
  2. Admin can send emails to any user on his site. Also can send email to any outsider persons from admin panel. No need to go to gmail or any others site in order to send emails. Admin can see all emails from his inbox on admin panel.
  3. Admin can see, edit all website user profile and any kind data. Admin can create a new user at ease and will without trouble. Just put email and name that’s it. System automatically create his temporary password, other’s data and send that info to email address. After user get their email and login that info system will tell him force change their password with update profile data.
  4. Fully featured blog/news/promotion/article/event system with category and tags.
  5. Fully featured investment system. Admin can create investment plan with minimum and maximum invest. Can be set hourly, weekly, monthly any kind time based duration with return investment interest percentage. Also can set how many time user get their interest. Admin have to fill that info. System will automatically do that job.
  6. Admin can create fully featured membership system such as set renew date, price, duration etc.
  7. Admin can set instant payment gateway fixed and percentage fee. Active and de-active gateway status.
  8. Fully featured local gateway it means admin can create any kind payment gateway with gateway fixed and percentage fee, active and de-active gateway status. Much more.
  9. Fully featured deposit system. Admin can see latest instant deposit, verify their local payment deposit, accept and reject payment with fraud deposit.
  10. Now user withdraw system. User request withdraw and admin send money than just need click complete button. That’s it..!
  11. Fully featured user support panel, admin can reply his user support ticket and see closed support ticket.
  12. Know your customer (KYC), yes it is for verify user identity and proof of address. User submit their national identity card, passport, driving license and other docs of proof of address, admin saw that request on admin panel and accept or reject his request.
  13. Admin can be approved/reject user review/testimonials, admin can edit privacy policy, terms and condition page, anti-money launder page, KYC policy page with published and un-published option. Also can create frequently asked questions (f.a.q).
  14. Fully featured website settings system. Admin can edit site name, site tile, company name, contact email, system contact email, company address, contact phone, disqus comment system, live chat system on admin panel without any code.
  15. Admin can be turn on or turn off any website features with one click. Such as paid to click (PTC), paid to view (PPV), payment proof page on homepage, latest deposit and withdraw info on homepage, member to member money transfer, membership system, investment system. This feature can be off or on anytime from admin panel without any code.
  16. Admin can set minimum deposit, minimum withdraw, maximum withdraw, self-transfer commission fee, member to member transfer fee, sign up bonus, referral link share bonus, referred sign up bonus, referred deposit bonus, referred membership upgrade bonus, referred paid to click and paid to view bonus etc.

Note: If You Can Not Find Satisfied Features in our invest-alert Then Please do not go away without submit suggest.  Just comment or contact with us for request to add features that was not in current version. We will try to add that features in next update.

Main Features of Shopinson invest-alert | All in One Script for  PTC, Crypto Currency Invest, HyIp (high yielding investment platform) System 

Safe and secure

Safety always comes first. We are prepared for scammers trying to hack our Shopinson invest-alert. Your customers are fully secured with Shopinson invest-alert. We make every effort to ensure that our customers receive a fully secure software that will bring benefits for them instead of the nerves and worries associated with scammers trying to steal their money.

PHP & MySQL based

All you need is just a hosting supporting PHP and MySQL, like 99% hosting offers on the market. We do not require some alien technologies. We are providing 100% open code (front-end and back-end) so you can easily customize Shopinson invest-alert. It is not rocket science; our script is made to be customized.

Well Documented

Sick and tired of the apps with no documentation at all? Well, we are that is why we provide you full documentation explaining how our Shopinson investment base app script works. Shopinson invest-alert written from scratch, the most advanced Get Paid to Click script on the market. Made by people familiar with many PTC apps and sites.

 Unlimited Payment Systems

PayPal, Payza, Neteller, SolidTrustPay, AdvCash, PerfectMoney, Payeer, Skrill, OkPay, BitCoin – Add all kind payment system gateway. You can start fully manually. You can also add your local payment system.

Customizable Unlimited Membership System

Highly customizable memberships with connection to all settings on the site, you can set all values differently on each membership. Add Unlimited Membership in Shopinson invest-alert app. Just Give some data and you are all set. Every Membership supports referral commission.

Anti-cheat system

Based on years of experience we know how cheaters are operating. We have systems to catch them and report all suspicious activity on the site. Safety & security is our top priority. Protect against fraud on every possible level.

Built-in News and Blog System

Very powerful and customizable News and Blog engine is included with the script. It does not require re-registration; it is hooked with the script.

Built-in Live Chat & Contact System

Use our built in ticket system with canned responses included. Let your users to see all ticket history, also available for outside customers.


This and much more features are available in Shopinson invest-alert. We have listed only the most important ones. We also have great referral system. You can set a lot of settings in our referral system. All of them are individual per our membership system. To find out what kind of other options we have just check out our demo.

 Main Features for Guest:

  • Fully Responsive Design with Material Design.
  • Fully Dynamic Style with Informative Frontend.
  • Login & Registration System.
  • Access to the Blog, News & Upcoming Event Promotion.
  • Restricted to Access Earn Money, Comment.
  • Easy to Contact via Contact Page.

Main Features for Member:

  • User Dashboard System.
  • Manage Balance.
  • Money Investment
  • Crypto Investment
  • A2Z Statics.
  • Referral System.
  • Withdraw System.
  • PTC, PPV System.
  • Deposit System.
  • And Much More. Please check demo for Full Details.
  • Features for Member:

Main Features for Admin:

  • Manage Pay Per Click.
  • Manage Member.
  • Manage Investment
  • Manage Blog, News, Event, Promotion.
  • Manage Referral Commission.
  • Manage Deposit Request.
  • Manage Withdraw Request.
  • Manage Referral System.
  • Manage Payment Gateway.
  • Manage Website Settings.
  • Manage Comments.
  • And Much More, please see the demo for full details.

php form validation

complete programming language guide signout
complete programming language guide

form validation requires mainly php validate date, email, name, phone and url

php form validation is necessary since it server side end validation not a client side end validation though packs a lot of work on the server rather on the client device since techknown person may bypass such validation on client end but it will be hard to pass that on the server side.

there are (5) five form field to be validated with php which we will be conducting here this day

  • date
  • email
  • name
  • phone
  • URL

php validate date

You could use checkdate. For example, something like this:

$test_date = '03/22/2010';
$test_arr  = explode('/', $test_date);
if (checkdate($test_arr[0], $test_arr[1], $test_arr[2])) {
    // valid date ...

A more paranoid approach, that doesn’t blindly believe the input:

$test_date = '03/22/2010';
$test_arr  = explode('/', $test_date);
if (count($test_arr) == 3) {
    if (checkdate($test_arr[0], $test_arr[1], $test_arr[2])) {
        // valid date ...
    } else {
        // problem with dates ...
} else {
    // problem with input ...

PHP Validate Name

The code below shows a simple way to check if the name field only contains letters and whitespace. If the value of the name field is not valid, then store an error message:

The preg_match() function searches a string for pattern, returning true if the pattern exists, and false otherwise.

$name = test_input($_POST["name"]);
 if (!preg_match("/^[a-zA-Z ]*$/",$name)) {
  $nameErr = "Only letters and white space allowed"; 

PHP Validate E-mail

The easiest and safest way to check whether an email address is well-formed is to use PHP’s filter_var() function.

In the code below, if the e-mail address is not well-formed, then store an error message:

$email = test_input($_POST["email"]);
  if (!filter_var($email, FILTER_VALIDATE_EMAIL)) {
  $emailErr = "Invalid email format"; 

PHP validate phone

we have treated this php phone validation here >> https://shopinson.com/php-allow-only-a-range-of-numbers-from-a-form-field/

PHP Validate URL

The code below shows a way to check if a URL address syntax is valid (this regular expression also allows dashes in the URL). If the URL address syntax is not valid, then store an error message:

$website = test_input($_POST["website"]);
if (!preg_match("/\b(?:(?:https?|ftp):\/\/|www\.)[-a-z0-9+&@#\/%?=~_|!:,.;]*[-a-z0-9+&@#\/%=~_|]/i",$website)) {
  $websiteErr = "Invalid URL"; 

Ultimately Connect to Internet on Laptop From Mobile

Ultimately Connect to Internet on Laptop From Mobile
Ultimately Connect to Internet on Laptop From Mobile

How to CONNECT to internet on laptop from Mobile through mobile connectivity.

Step 1: Connect Your Mobile to Laptop Via Usb Cable

just don’t worry

connect your smartphone to laptop via usb cable

click allow on your mobile if prompted

Step 2: Go to Settings Then Go to Hotspot & Tethering

just follow the images as shown above

Step 3: Enable Usb Tethering

using the switch enable usb tethering

as shown above in the image

Step 4: Now,go to Your Laptop or Pc

just wait for 2-3 minutes

for automatic configuration

go to network setting in your windows pc

check for you are connected to ethernet

Step 5: Finally Open Web Browser

now open any web browser to access internet

if not working try to reboot your pc and connect your mobile

(make sure that your 3g or 4g data is enabled)

BANK Alert is a php script for internet based FINANCIAL banking system

Bank Alert is a php script for internet based financial banking system
Bank Alert is a php script for internet based financial banking system

Bank alert it should be After searches on google for “Banking System in php script” I decide to quit until i developed this advanced banking app on my leisure time DEMO

COST: $1500 USD

(the bank alert cost 1500USD which is a onetime payment that is every update made to the script in near future will be applied directly and will be made available for all that purchased the script to download it from our system without extra payment and we also assist you to install and resolve any issue you witness in future with our script only (FREE SUPPORT) )

Named BANK Alert is a php script for internet based FINANCIAL banking system

Bank Alert is a php script for internet based financial banking system with enables an organization to fund their user with money and control their finance and give them normal similar banking – look alike internet banking activities.

Bank Alert
Bank Alert


  • upload the db.sql in your downloaded file to your database
  • extract the main.zip content files in your public_html
  • open init.php to set your your database connection, bank name, the favicon, the logos, the sms api, email smtp
Account Overview for the Banking
Account Overview for the Banking


Use same credentials of admin to log after installation

for DOWNLOAD please email: admin@shopinson.com

Privacy: using this application is at your own detriment.

admin credentials

  • user id: SD093233
  • email: admin@demo.com
  • password: Admin

User Demo credentials

  • user id: SD093233
  • email: user@demo.com
  • password: User
the admin menu for the banking system
the admin menu for the banking system

Key features

  • Sends alert email and SMS to mobile phone and email address of the beneficiary (CREDIT ALERT) and senders (DEBIT ALERT) mobile number whence a transfer is done
  • logs the last time a user visited his or her account
  • internal sending of mail allowed by users to the system while admin can send email to external (non-users) and internal (users)
  • login access to account
  • retrieval of password (login credential) if forgotten
  • Registration of new account only approved by the admin when registered by any client
  • admin can access all users account without have to login directory to the account of any said user
  • if a user links an external account as beneficiary the system will send money to the beneficiary the money will be deducted but will not be cleared instantly until the admin views and approve such transaction which turns the status to successful
  • if a user links an internal account as beneficiary the system will look up if the account exist in the system and automatically fund the beneficiary account and deduct money from the sender which is automatically approved by the system and status successful automatically.

Security aspects for verification (KYC)
Security aspects for verification (KYC)


  • Account not allowed to be accessed when they are not activated by admin
  • account cannot transfer money until verification proof is approved by the admin
  • account can be banned by admin if the user disobey the system rules and regulation

admin role

  • Admin ability to approve/disapprove and view the submitted Address proof and Identity proof
  • ability to suspend / active users account easily
  • admin ability to fund any user account with any amount of capital
  • admin able to log to user account without logging out
  • admin is able to withdraw money from the user account at any time at the user expense
  • ability to assign a custom currency type to each user account if the set global currency is not wanted
  • ability of the admin to approve any linked beneficiary account to any user account else user may not be able to send money to the beneficiary he/she linked to his / her account
  • ability to respond to users mail via the support secure center within the system

user role

  • Ability to link beneficiary account ONLY to account held in the system only
  • ability to send / transfer money to anyone beneficiary account in the system
  • ability to receive mobile credit/debit alert instant via SMS of any transfer transaction
  • ability to delete any beneficiary account from their account
  • ability to receive mail notification of any transfer transaction
  • ability to message the system support center via the system it self
  • ability to submit verification proof
  • ability to monitor the status of the submitted verification proof

php ALLOW only a range of numbers from a FORM field

php ALLOW only a range of numbers from a FORM field
php ALLOW only a range of numbers from a FORM field

Today in our project we code to make php ALLOW only a range of numbers from a FORM field not to be inserted into the database.

Shopinson actually is going to be validating data using php allow only a range of numbers in two ways for his target aim which will be for PHONE numbers and the later the Common Integers ranging between fourteen to sixteen DIGITS  and zero to ten respectively using PHP for form fields.

php ALLOW only
php ALLOW only

This practical we will be using php operands

Though we have discussed this earlier in our previous post of validating a text to ALLOW a range of number using javascript and jquery validating only in such manner is not globally accepted because someone may bypass the javascript / jquery validation but will be trapped if the php allow the range of number function is enabled.

strlen($phone) < 14 or strlen($phone) > 16

this post validates that if the string length of php variable $phone is less than 14 or greater than 16 returns the result.

if(strlen($phone) < 14 or strlen($phone) > 16) { print"result"; }

WHY this

This post validation is going to describe the php strlen to validate the digits of numbers to be accepted in database through the html form

i want to validate a phone so the input will not exceed 16 digits and not less than 14 digits so I applied the above codes

this code is a perfect fit best code snippet of php to allow between 14 to 16 digits of phone numbers while validating phone numbers

$phone = "0811222323232";
if(strlen($phone) < 14 or strlen($phone) > 16) { print"invalid phone number".strlen($phone); }else print"valid phone number".strlen($phone);

the php script will return invalid phone number13 because the phone (MOBILE)  is less than 14 digits but will return valid phone number14 if a single character is added to the value of the php variable $phone see for the example below

$phone = "0811222323232+";
if(strlen($phone) < 14 or strlen($phone) > 16) { print"invalid phone number".strlen($phone); }else print"valid phone number".strlen($phone);

notice that even if the extra digits number or variable character is added it will still return valid Hey friend! to make sure to validate field inputs are all integers number so php will be validating phone numbers only use the below code

$phone = preg_replace('/[^0-9]/', '', "0811222323232+");
if(strlen($phone) < 14 or strlen($phone) > 16) { print"invalid phone number".strlen($phone); }else print"valid phone number".strlen($phone);

Php validate mobile phone number

we introduced preg_replace('/[^0-9]/', '', "0811222323232+") to validate the phone completely you will not is will return invalid phone number13

this preg_replace('/[^0-9]/', '',"$string")actually perform a php magic it checks if the input value of a html form field are numbers if they are then it replaces any special null value and return the results therefore its work differes from the actually is_numeric of php that Finds whether a variable is a number or a numeric string

PHP to allow only numbers less than 10 in form field but greater than 0

Good, now php ALLOW only a range of number is only possible not with the above illustration but we showed you the above illustration to introduce to what code you might be writing instead of writing exactly the one below

$x = 11;
if($x < 0 or $x > 10){
  print"invalid range is " .$x;
  print"valid range is " .$x;

this code will output invalid range is 11 because it exceeds the defined number range 0 – 10

Go Redirects URL Forwarder – WordPress Plugin

Redirects URL Forwarder
Redirects URL Forwarder

A wordpress plugin that masked url is Go Redirects which cloak url and forwards user to the appropriate assign url newly defined for a specified url

wordpress plugin
wordpress plugin

best instant Redirects URL Forwarder – WordPress Plugin


it is a URL forwarder plugin for WordPress that enables URLs like http://mysite.com/go/far-far-away/ to forward to URLs like http://someothersite.com/. It’s a great way to create clean-looking affiliate links or provide permanent links for remote URLs that may change over time. The images below describes it

Official page of Go Redirects URL Forwarder https://wordpress.org/plugins/go-redirects/

It includes analytics for the number of times a URL has been forwarded.

Recently i updated this post since i saw this question on wordpress support

ananddevops (@ananddevops)


I am trying to achieve 2 things for my site. I have searched the plugin pages and have come across many options. Before I go ahead and try a relevant(to me) few I wanted to get personal experiences that you have had using any/some of these plugins, which might cater good possible solution for my case.

Let me detail my requirements below to put things into context.

1. Url Mask – I want to mask url of certain pages on my site. Not all pages, some, which I can select. Then mask their url, NOT forward them, NOT shorten. For example, lets say I have a page mysite/testpageone and I want to mask it to otherwebaddr/hiddenpageurl. like that mysite/testpagetwo to anotherwebaddr/xyzurl, etc etc. And these maksings in such a way that it is not traceable.

Plugin Suggestions

2. Hide Page Source – Hide all/some page source from right click as well as developer tools.

Plugin Suggestions

Awaiting to learn from your experience.

What is the best wordpress plugin to achieve this, so i thought of suggesting the go redirect url though it is not appropriate to mask url only if it is for a specific purpose only that may change in the future.

I would like to let you know the problems of masking url using wordpress plugin or without wordpress plugin enhancement (direct editing of the function.php in the theme folder of the active theme)

Jonas Forsberg, a Web Developers at Roskilde Tekniske Skole Answered: How do I mask URL with WordPress plugin?

If you mean cloak a link to look like something else, Pretty Link Lite does a great job at that. Even keeps a nifty statistic on clicks.

Masking url differs totally from shortening url as described by Jonas

Masking url must bear the domain name while the shortening url may or may not bear the domain name of the subject site

What is URL masking

URL masking also known as Domain masking or cloaked URL forwarding is the process of hiding the actual real domain name url of a particular website from the real URL field of a user‘s web browser in favor of another name.

for example

this url https://shopinson.com/go-redirects-url-forwarder-wordpress-plugin/ maybe masked to forward or redirect to https://shopinson.com/plugins-go which differs from shortening link which may turn the url to this https://btl.ly/Hwy23

I said before that it is not appropriate to mask url now since the reason there’s problem for masking Url with or without wordpress plugin

  1. Inability of the users of that link to share the link with it content contained
  2. Inability of the users to bookmark specific section in the content
  3. It probes danger to your seo (search enigne optimization) ranking because of the crawl is being redirected else where instead of the original site.

brief explanation is need go slowly

A 301 error status means a page and it content is Moved Permanently to a new url link whereby 302 error status means a page is Moved Temporary to a new location the work of the url masking is not to fix this error status but to create automatically two different page with same content it against google content policy for bloggers

HOW TO USE Go Redirects URL Forwarder

This picture below illustrates basically what you can do with Go Redirects URL Forwarder

masked url
masked url

Creating Multiple directory using Python in two ways

Creating Multiple directories with Python scripts in two ways
Creating Multiple directories with Python scripts in two ways

Today in Python Programming Language I will be illustrating how to create multiple directory using python but before that I hope you have successfully created a single directory in the previous post on Creating Single directory with Python now we are going to create multiple directories instead.

Multiple directory using Python
Multiple directory using Python

How to create a multiple directory with Python

I will illustrate how to do so using two simple methods

1st method: Creating multiple directories using python script

I will use os.makedirs() instead of os.makedir() to create a multiple directories instead of single directory see the blow code snippet

import os

this will create folders as shown below

create multiple directories instead of single directory see the below code snippet
create multiple directories instead of single directory see the below code snippet

To create the multiple directories with file permissions defined use the below python code snippet

import os

2nd Method : creating multiple directories using python script

We are going to be using python pathlib.Path to create multiple directories see the code snippet below

import pathlib

p = pathlib.Path('shopinson/users/timers')

Listing Directory Using Python in two methods

Listing-the contained Directories with a given directory with Python
Listing the contained Directories with a given directory with Python

There are two modified ways or methods of listing the files contained in a specified directory using python also see PYTHON listing files contained in a directory which explains the detailed note in advance of using os.walker and glob with specified file type but here I described how to simply list files contained in a directory in two simple methods.

Listing Directory Using Python
Listing Directory Using Python

1st Method : listing directory using python

Legacy method of Directory listing with python

import os
entries = os.listdir('shopinson/')
for entry in entries:

the above python code snippets displays all files contained in the specified directory named “shopinson

2nd Method : listing directory using python

Modern method of Directory listing with python

#1 Example: 2nd Method Using os.scandir()

import os
with os.scandir('shopinson/') as entries:
    for entry in entries:

#2 Example: 2nd Method Using pathlib.Path()

from pathlib import Path

entries = Path('shopinson/')
for entry in entries.iterdir():

Difference between the two method is that the 1st method uses os.listdir() while the second method uses os.scandir() and pathlib.Path().

Note: to get list of file types including it types best method is the modern method

Reading, Writing and Opening a file in Python

file in Python
file in Python

To open a file in python one needs no hassle simply using a code as illustrated below can solve the issue

file in python
file in python

How to open a file Using Python

with open('demofile.txt', 'r') as f:
    data = f.read()

How to write a file Using Python

with open('demofile.txt', 'w') as f:
    data = 'the nature of the web'

the first code snippet opens open() and read .r the file while the second snippet writes .wdata” into the file “demofile.txt

Using python to make a single folder / Directory

Using python to make a single folder / Directory
Using python to make a single folder / Directory

The below codes are best and simple ways to make a folder easily using python as regards in supplement to my previous post captioned Creating a folder using Python (https://shopinson.com/python/creating-a-folder-with-python/).

How to Make a single Folder Using Python

the below codes are tested, proved and sure codes to create a single folder in python without wasting time writing bulky codes just to implement a simple task of creating just “a” folder

Code Snippet Test 1 #Example 1

import os


this code snippet throws FileExistsError if the ‘shopinson_directory‘ already exists in the current folder/directory 

Code snippet Test 2  #Example 2

from pathlib import Path

p = Path('shopinson_directory/')

this second Test 2 #Example 2 throws FileExistsError as #Example 1

Now to ignore the FileExistsError been thrown, use the below code to create  a single folder in python

from pathlib import Path

p = Path('shopinson_directory')

this FileExistsError is bypassed by defining exist_ok=True argument to .mkdir():