Bankalert is a simple online banking system that you can use for online banking projects easy to manage with 4 core admin functions check the demo.


send equivalent of $189USD to any our following wallet addresses

  1. USDT wallet addressTJ4t2EbCa2y3Qb2pSNamR66KyoevnHn35m
  2. ETHEREUM : 0x14a02c78ac4e374154e5dc57072e2a41451501f6
  3. BTC: 19TUrzmxq4sG6uM1GMRKbPz7mxynYcLNQs

After payment send your receipt to


bankalert user dashboard

admin ( U: admin P: admin

user ( U: craigdan P: 12345678


bankalert script includes php, bootstrap & custom css, jquery & ajax, html

basically bankalert money transfer aspect for processings was enhanced with jquery and ajax

we have also upgraded the php scripts of bankalert to latest php version > 8

Script Support

100% live support

Installation assistance for bankalert only

Webhosting and domain setup for this script

How to Install Bankalert

  1. Download the zip file
  2. Extract the zip file in your prefer file manager location online
  3. find the sql file and upload it to your database
  4. make sure the htaccess included in the zip file is present
  5. finally make sure your php version is running latest version 8 or greater

Features of Bankalert

  1. Email Alert
  2. OTP authentication during money transfer
  3. Login fetch user name before password demand
  4. Language translator best customized
  5. Friendly money transfer both Local and International Transfer Included
  6. Admin Controls: block user login access, block user money transfer processing, fund user account balance etc.
  7. Contact form for ease reaching of the support center
  8. Easily perform KYC verification using the admin controls block user login access and display the KYC files demanded
  9. Credit and Debit alert Receipt design for email alert
  10. Easy modification of theme to match your needs (ie: you can integrate any theme of choice in the application)
  11. Upload of Account owners profile image
  12. Registration form for new user application

Owner and founder of He is a passionate programmer with enthusiasm in daily discovering of solving logic with new block of codes. He loves creating contents and blogging his new discoveries on programming language and related peripherals.

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