Online Banking Script [BankAlert] – $50USD

Online Banking Script [BankAlert]
Online Banking Script [BankAlert]

About Bankalert online banking script

Hi there! Thanks for your interest in our online banking script a.k.a internet banking app.

We’ve developed and named this our internet online banking script BankAlert, built mostly with php and sold only at $50USD.

BankAlert is web-based internet banking application script.

It’s a simple way to perform your financial activities, securely and conveniently as the traditional offline banking, but bankalert allows you to manage your money from any device with an internet connection.

You can as well check balances, transfer funds and even deposit cash from the comfort of your home.

It’s also the most simply managed banking script easy to understand, installed and used by everyone Web Developers Beginners and Pro.

If you’re interested in learning more about online banking, you can purchase and download this online bank pro php script to your computer.

Once you’ve buy this script edit and make use of it as wishes.

Note: You should take full responsible of how you use this script. How, when and where you use this script does not matter to us. This application can be used for personal use to manage your private or group/community financial portfolios like for crypto assets, third party payment system, Microfinance banks etc.

uses of online banking script

There are numerous uses for our online banking script bankalert, most including:

  1. Creating an online banking website for customers to access their accounts.
  2. Allowing customers to make payments via transfers between accounts.
  3. Sending out automated emails to customers to notify them of transactions.
  4. Allowing customers to view detailed information about their accounts, such as current balance, transactions, and account history [limited to 20 items].
  5. Creating secure logins and passwords for customers to access their accounts.
  6. Providing customers with the ability to manage their accounts and make changes to their settings.
  7. Generating reports to track customer activity only on request.
  8. Offering customers the ability to pay bills and make other payments online.
  9. Allowing customers to be notified of any transactions.
  10. Integrating with other financial services, such as credit cards, crypto and investment accounts.

Features of Bankalert Internet Banking App

Here are some of the features of online banking:

  1. It is web-based application for banking services
  2. 24/7 access to your online banking account
  3. Ability to view account balances and transactions
  4. Transfer of funds between accounts
  5. Awesome Mobile banking view layout Responsive
  6. Email alerts and notifications and Sms notification (Write support for integration)
  7. A unique login, forgot password and registeration method
  8. Easy & simple account restrictions and limitation via admin
  9. Transfer money authentication
  10. Transfer of money to crypto wallets, thirdparty like paypal etc. international and local withdrawal
  11. simple kyc method by admin request only the simplified admin dashboard which have action applied to each selected user

Bankalert Screenshots

The responsive client dashboard (System default mode [light version])
bankAlertApp-Light Online Banking Script php

Dark version mode

bankAlertApp-Dark 2 Online Banking Script php
bankAlertApp-Dark 2 Online Banking Script php
The unique awesome login method

where all authentication processes such login, register and password recovery are processed on a single page without reloading the page [approotUrl.tdl>authentication]

bankAlertApp-Login - Online Banking Script php
bankAlertApp-Login – Online Banking Script php
Mobile views


bankAlertApp-Login-mobile Online Banking Script php
bankAlertApp-Login-mobile Online Banking Script php

Dashboard (light mode version)

bankAlertApp-Light Mobile Online Banking Script php
bankAlertApp-Light Mobile Online Banking Script php

Dark mode version

bankAlertApp-Dark Mobile Online Banking Script php
bankAlertApp-Dark Mobile Online Banking Script php

How to use Bankalert online banking system

Online banking is a great way to manage your finances! Here are some useful tips to get you started:

  1. Sign up for online banking with your bank.
  2. Set up a secure username and password.
  3. Log in and explore the features available.
  4. Transfer money between your accounts.
  5. Set up automatic payments for bills.
  6. Check your balance and view transaction history.
  7. Make payments to people or businesses.
  8. Manage your investments and savings.
  9. Language Translator

By using our online banking, you’ll be able to manage your finances from the comfort of your own home. Plus, you’ll be able to keep an eye on your accounts and make sure your money is safe and secure.

3 Technologies used in BankAlert

The 3 programming languages techs we mostly used in building this Bankalert are php, bootstrap, ajax & Jquery. These Languages are well written in bankalert easy to read, learn and understand.

I’m glad to say that I have a php script for online banking bankalert always available, incase you’ve some issues while editing this script we’ve got some of great resources that could help you. If you want to write your own script using own already script as a prototype depending on your needs and intentions.

We’ve suggest you check out these resources.

  1. The PHP official website for php tutorials and documentation. Most of the form processors are written in php. Additionally, our website have some blog post on this website available 24/7 that you could use as a reference. If you are looking for a more professional solution, you can write your support email.
  2. The Bootstrap Docs website the bankalert web app layouts theme was designed by bootstrap classes.
  3. Thirdly for the Ajax and Jquery api’s visit because we used mostly of the jquery to handle most of javascript actions.

How to install Bankalert

  1. The installation file consist of the app files and database file
  2. Download the app file and extract to find and bankalertDb.sql
  3. Upload the which consist of the app files and folders
  4. make sure you Uploaded the to your preferred root folder
  5. Extract the content of to the root folder
  6. Create database appropriately
  7. Upload the sql file bankalertDb.sql to the database
  8. Connect the database to your app by editing the settings.php [>include>settings.php]
  9. Finally you can some extra changes to name and logo of the application by editing config.php [>include>config.php]

Well you can enjoy editing and manipulate the whole script including the design layout to fit in what you wish to use it for immediately you have purchased it.

How to purchase to bankalert

you can buy online banking script from us as describe below:

Using USDT TRC20 (USD Tether)
  1. Login to your digital wallet
  2. make a withdrawal from your USDT wallet TRC20
  3. send exactly $50USD to our USDT Wallet TRC20 below
  4. USDT TRC20 wallet ID: TJ4t2EbCa2y3Qb2pSNamR66KyoevnHn35m
Using Bitcoin (btc network)
  1. Login to your wallet
  2. make withdrawal of exactly $50USD to our BTC wallet below
  3. BTC wallet ID: 19TUrzmxq4sG6uM1GMRKbPz7mxynYcLNQs


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