php starter level


  1. Getting started with php.
    Getting started with php involves knowing what is php, the proper definition of php, uses of php, php file and document, your first php-enabled page with some mind blowing simple/common php examples
    how php processes Form data
    we’ll talk about the installation and guides of setting php programming environment on different devices
  2. Basic syntax
    we will explain how the PHP tags works and how to escape from HTML when writing html inside in php code.
    php Instruction separation and learn how to Comments in php programming.
  3. php data Types
    we’ll learning about numbers, boolean, integers etc
  4. php Variables
    Know about the variables both static and dynamic variable available in php
  5. php Constants
    We learn about static constants and dynamic ones too
  6. php Expressions
    we also understand php expression and learn ways to interprets php expressions
  7. php Operators
    learn how to use operators with variables and constant during logic
  8. php control structures
    we also learn the structure of php controls
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