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Better website hosting features


Before you own a website that is accessible on the internet it must be hosted on a better webhost space.

Webhost are provided by a website hosting service providing company that has a better website hosting features.

You may sometimes ask this similar question?

Is it so important to choose a better hosting service provider like it is to have an attractive website appearance? yes it is.

What is webhost

A webhost is a space on which you store information which you would like to be accessed public or privately on the internet by you or your audience. [ wikipedia ]

Why is it so important

It is very important that you make a better choice while choosing your preferred webhosting service providing company.

Because of most of this service providers sucks and frustrates at the point of need.

Most their lack or absence of 24/7 customer support via live-chat or email may make you regret subscribing to their services.

Comparison ideas to think of while choosing

Below are the most vital needful comparison activities you must need to engage in.

Before you can finally make conclusion of the rightful hosting service provider that best suit your business.

18 Factors to consider while choosing a website hosting company

  • Your Website’s Needs
  • Subscription Period
  • System/server security
  • Server Reliability and Uptime
  • Refund Policy and Guarantees
  • Upgrade Options
  • Primary Features
  • Knowledgebase documentations
  • Add-on Products and Services
  • E-commerce Site Functionality
  • Sign-Up and Renewal Prices
  • Control Panel
  • Account Limitations
  • Environmental Friendliness
  • Email Hosting
  • Website Backup Options
  • Customer Support system
  • Server Responsiveness

For us we consider only 5 core features while choosing a hosting company

The most 5 Core features we personally considers

  1. the security strength
  2. customer support system most likely live-chat
  3. server responsive reliability and uptime
  4. documentation well explicit
  5. subscription/upgrade plans
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