the 5 most common programming languages [web]

most common programming languages
most common programming languages

About the 5 most common programming languages.

You heard me right,

We’ve only 5 most used programming languages for website design and app development that you should know and understand.

What is Programming language

programming language are the languages which computers and it compiler understand very well than human languages.

programming languages are seen as command or set of instruction give to computer in order to perform a specific task.

We have more than 100 programming languages, we are going to discuss in this article the 5 regularly used ones.

As technology continues to advance and shape our world, knowing how to code has become increasingly important.

Whether you are looking:

i. to build your own website

ii. create a mobile app

iii. automate a task

Well! having a solid understanding of these 5 programming languages is the key.

Going Further these are the 5 programming languages that you should know as professional or beginner in programming. Before listing them there are 3 other common programming languages which are not list, why are they not?. Those 3 not listed because developers see them as the primary languages for website development.

These 3 unmentioned programming languages includes php, html and css. I bet you no developer or design can do without these 3

List of the 5 common programming languages

See Below the list of the 5 commonly used programming languages for website development you ought to know before now:

  1. Java: Java is a class-based, object-oriented programming language that was first released in 1995.
  2. Python: Python is a high-level, interpreted language widely used for scripting, automation, and data analysis.
  3. JavaScript: JavaScript is a client-side scripting language widely used for creating interactive websites and building web applications.
  4. C++: C++ is an extension of the C programming language mostly used for developing high-performance applications.
  5. SQL: It is an abbreviation for  (Structured Query Language) is a domain-specific language  for managing relational databases.

Brief Intro to each common programming languages


Java also widely used for developing enterprise applications.

Examples: i. web-based applications, ii. desktop applications &  iii. mobile apps.

it is well known for it security, scalability plus cross-platform compatibility.


Python has simple & easy-to-learn syntax generally readable and maintainable.

it is use often for scientific computing, web development, and machine learning.


Javascript can also be use for server-side programming, and has become a popular choice for building full-stack applications. Since the emergence of Jquery and ajax


C++ is a powerful language, known for its low-level control and ability to handle complex tasks, making it a popular choice for advanced programming projects.

High-performance applications such as operating systems, video games, & complex data structures uses C++


Sql is widely use for retrieving, updating, and manipulating data stored in databases, and is the standard language for communicating with databases. it is a critical tool for data analysis and business intelligence.

In conclusion, these 5 programming languages are essential for anyone looking to start coding or expand their existing skills. They are generally consumed knowledge-base, well-documented, with large communities of developers, making it easy to find support and resources when you need them.

Whether you are looking to build websites, mobile apps, or automate tasks, these languages are a great place to start.


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