make a website load fast with neat css & html structures

website load fast
make a website load fast with neat css html structures

To make a website load fast it is very important that the developer avoids inline bunch of css and javascript, use external css and script which are minify so as to reduce time cost it takes to load a website.

Most importantly to many nesting of elements affects the speed of website so avoid too much of nested elements.

What’s page speed?

According to Matteo Duò from Hubspot

“page speed simply means how quickly your content loads when it visitors request the page on the internet. Matteo Differentiates website speed from page speed which is the loading time for the specific requested page.

How to Measure Page Speed

Anna Fitzgerald from hubspot lists the best the 9 Best Website Speed Test Tools (and Website Speed Test for Mobile)

  1. Google PageSpeed Insights.
  2. Pingdom.
  3. GTMetrix.
  4. WebPageTest.
  5. Sematext.
  6. Uptrends.
  7. DareBoost.
  8. New Relic.
  9. Google Mobile Website Speed Testing Tool

Anna also spoke about how we should respond to bad test while using any of the page speed testers above and improve the speed of your website automatically.

Below shows few most necessary tips

Tips for making website load fast

According mozilla documentations:

Below are List of what you should do to improve your website loading speed and page speed as well

Remember that Matteo told us that website speed and page speed are not same but just know that both works in hand anything did to a website to improve it loading speed automatically improves the website speed as well.

Below are list of things you need to do inorder to improve the overall speed of the websites

Reduce page weight

Mozilla Recommends a tools which may help you do the reduction of page weight successful {HTML Tidy}

Minimize the number of files

Use techniques to lower the HTTP connections required to download a page and reducing the number time request page is served

Use a Content Delivery Network (CDN)

CDN (Content Display Network) is a Generally does the work of reducing the physical distance between your server and your website visitor.

Reduce domain lookups

Since each separate domain costs time in a DNS lookup, the page load time will grow along with the number of separate domains appearing in CSS link(s) and JavaScript and image src(es)

Cache reused content

Add an Expires or a Cache-Control Header and Make sure that any content that can be cached, is cached, and with appropriate expiration times.

Optimally order the components of the page

Download page content first, along with any CSS or JavaScript that may be required for its initial display, so that the user gets the quickest apparent response during the page loading. This content is typically text, and can, therefore, benefit from text compression in transit, thus providing an even quicker response to the user.

According article titled Best Practices for Speeding Up Your Web Site

Put Stylesheets at the Top (css)

Put Scripts at the Bottom (ajax, javascripts etc.)

Reduce the number of inline scripts and styling

Avoid CSS Expressions and Inline scripts can be expensive for page loading since the parser must assume that an inline script could modify the page structure while parsing is in progress therefore Make JavaScript and CSS External


Minify JavaScript, SVG, images and CSS externally linked to your website.

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