This Privacy Policy outlines the handling of data by Mobile Number Generating and Listing Services, a service dedicated to generating mobile numbers. Our service is designed to provide users with mobile numbers from around the world without storing any personal information.
Updated : 15th May 2024

1. Data Generation and Storage: We do not save any mobile numbers generated by our service. The numbers are created based on user input and may be stored by the user following certain actions within the service.

2. Validity of Numbers: The mobile numbers provided by our service may or may not be valid, as we do not require real users to submit their personal mobile numbers for validation.

3. Free Access: Our service offers access to mobile numbers from all countries, free of charge. Users can utilize these numbers without any cost.

4. Ownership Claims: Users have the option to claim a mobile number as their own. Upon successful claim, the user is entitled to a complimentary website associated with the claimed mobile number.

5. Reporting: Users are encouraged to report any mobile number that appears to pose a threat or is associated with malicious activities. Our team will take appropriate actions based on the reports received.

By using Mobile Number Generating and Listing Services, you acknowledge and agree to the terms outlined in this Privacy Policy. We are committed to maintaining the privacy and integrity of our service and its users.
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privacy policy for listing mobile numbers